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Ande technology is an ICT firm poised with the sole desire to effect positive change in the way many uses and implement technology in their everyday life especially those who offer services.

We develop websites and help companies and individuals manage their web presence

We help small and medium enterprises drive their returns upward by introducing them to a global business audience.

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1. Our Mission

Our goal is to help companies harness the full dividends of the global market space by introducing their brands to a global audience

2. Our Objectives

The world has never been more connected as the internet offers equal opportunity to everyone to take their business and services beyond the spheres of their immediate locality to a global reach.

We are here to drive this process smoothly

3. Our People

We have a team of experienced professionals with passion and prowess at what they do

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We are motivated by the challenges and day to day hardship faced by many hardworking Nigerians and we hope to do our little part in making their aspiration a little easier to achieve

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